O2Farm is a family owned farm in the place called Minamiaso (Kumamoto, Japan). The successor of the farm, Kota and his wife, Eri named after our family name.

We grow 6 ha of rice with environmentally friendly way, and our uncle raise 20 mother cows and their calf. Not too small but not so big, kind of middle size farmer in our area (Southern Island called Kyusyu).

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep this landscape through agriculture.

With the traditional combination of rice and cattle, the typical landscape of paddy fields, farmland, and meadows has been created in Aso area. We aim to hand in not only landscape but also culture as well as  biodiversity to our children and ground children.

Our Challenge

We’ve been challenging to variety of things, just because we believe that keep challanging is the only way to survive as farmer these days. In Japan agriculture is one of the declining industry. So we’ll keep challanging to make our future brighter.

Our Family

Kota & Eri, and four little farmers

Our family has 6 members + dog. Let me introduce briefly.


Born in 1975 in Kumamoto, Japan.

Went to university near Tokyo after high school in Kumamoto.
Graduate in ‘98, got married ‘99, and went to Germany for master course(‘99~‘02)
Became farmer in ’03
Not only farming, but do also carpenter work and office works.


Born in 1974 in Offenbach am Main, Germany.

Went to the same university with Kota. Used to play basketball and band music. Went also to Germany for master course.

Pushed her husband to be farmer before getting old.

Four little farmers
Twins, Breech child, and a girl

Azuki (dog)

Rescued dog.